Performances and Western Swing Workshops at the 31st National Cowboy Poetry Gathering  -  visit the Gathering website for tickets and all details! 

Learn what makes Western Swing distinctive, driving and just plain irresistible!  Award-winning multi-instrumentalist Joey McKenzie, national fiddle champion Katie Glassman and in comparable upright bassist Gavin Kelso, offer a day-long workshop exploring the treasures of authentic Texas-style and Western Swing fiddling, guitar accompaniment, upright bass and theory.  Class will start with separate instruction in fiddle, rhythm guitar and upright bass, coming together  after lunch to play together.  Students must bring their own instruments.  Recording is encouraged, so bring your recording devices.  And you must love good music!

FIDDLE   -   focusing on expanding your fiddling skills class, taught almost entirely by ear - sight reading not required.  Songs are taught with an emphasis on learning by ear  -  the traditional way of passing on fiddling from generation to generation.  We will cover a few basic melodies that are commonly known or easily picked picked-up by ear and we will focus on improving your playing and improvisational and swing fiddling skills.

GUITAR   -   students will need to bring their own guitar and should be able to comfortably play basic major and minor chords at a minimum.  Students will be introduced to new chord formations, bass runs and how to use them, passing chords, and explore ways to develop technique and musicianship. 

BASS    -   a basic understanding of the musical alphabet and of major scale construction is prerequisite.  The class will cover bass line construction with regard to melody, harmony, and rhythm, with an emphasis on the two-beat and walking bass styles.  This will be taught primarily within the context of common chord progressions (the blues, rhythm changes, and the standard Texas Style breakdown progression).  Right and left hand technique will be addressed according to the collective ability of the class.  Students will improve their technical and theoretical understanding of the instrument so as to become better accompanists and ensemble musicians.